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MHR Analytics is a leading specialist provider of financial performance management and business intelligence consultancy working with customers to help design and deliver solutions that help maximise the return on their investment. We work with leading technology providers including CCH Tagetik, IBM, SAP and Microsoft to provide the best services and solutions available in the market. 


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Are you ready for April 2022?

The deadline for public sector IFRS 16 compliance is fast approaching. It demands a whole new approach to lease contract inventories, processing, updating and recording.

Our free essentials guide explains the changes and the impact this will have on public sector organisations. It will also describe how MHR Analytics can equip you to overcome any challenges you may have.

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Planning and Analytics Buyers Guide

One of the greatest shared challenges most finance teams are facing in 2021 is data overload. There's so much information to work with from so many sources that teams often find it nigh impossible to filter and drill into data in order to support data-driven decision-making.

But by integrating a planning software solution into an existing business intelligence (BI) infrastructure, financial professionals can gain that functionality. Download our Planning and Analytics Buyers Guide produced in partnership with Accountancy Age to find out how planning & analytics tools can benefit your business.

Planning and Analytics Buyers Guide

Finance Transformation Guide

We’ve joined forces with the experts from Generation CFO to provide unmissable insider tips on how to achieve lasting digital financial transformation in a way that won't cause huge disruption or upheaval to your organisation.

Get your free, practical, step-by-step guide to realising your digital finance transformation goals, packed with real-world insights from years of experience.

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Customer Testimonials

"Our partnership with MHR Analytics means we can improve our processes significantly, cutting down on time-consuming administration and freeing up valuable resources..."

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Getting started with BI & analytics solutions

We’re here to shed some light on the best analytics software when you’re just getting started.

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Don't leave your analytics tools on the shelf

Powerful BI tools are not being fully utilised which could mean organisations are missing out on valuable insights.


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Catch up on Crossing the Chasm webinar

Catch up on our latest webinar that addresses the Chasm in  adoption of software solutions.



What should be your finance priorities?

Read what the analysts are saying based on their research.

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